Sunday, November 1, 2009

tribal tattoo designs

Tribal tattoo is a very popular style amongst tattoo fans. They can be a stand alone design or incorporated to form a recognizable object or animal, or just part of the overall tattoo design but not the only part of it. It can be an abstract piece of work or worked into a recognizable shape.

Origination of the tribal tattooing came from the concept that all members of a particular tribal group were all tattooed. It was a mandatory part of belonging to the tribe and was not an option. Refusing the ritual and participation could have adverse social issues for that tribal member. The tattoo itself was usually administered by a respected highly revered member of the tribe that held a special standing with the tribe.

Different cultures have different believes and rituals

Selecting a tribal design can be a decision usually based on one of two things. With the vast selection available - either through tattoo flash you'll find in your local shop, or choices found on the internet, choosing the one design may be difficult.

Tribal art was once used to identify the different tribes and members of the tribe. One belief at the time was that the symbol had the power to give them protection from evil.

You can find many tribal designs on the web.