Monday, August 23, 2010

My Favorite Tattoo Letters

best of Tattoo LettersMy most recent addition. I got this done a few months back and wanted to show everyone. This is what I am all about!!!

Now... the reason behind my quote on my tattoo pictured above. I have had four back surgeries in as many years. I have been through hell and back between the surgical pain and constant chronic pain in my lower back and the burning stabbing pain in my legs. I am a super active person, I work out daily, am a teacher, waitress, photographer and in my spare time I just can't sit still! My doctor calls me his model patient. I am what a pain management doctor wants to see in his office. The way Iook at life is...I can sit on my ass and mope around about my pain and the end result is that I am still in pain...and probably 50 pounds heavier because of my inactivity....or I can live my life to its fullest, doing everything that I have always loved, and keep myself so busy that I forget that I am still in pain. This is why I got my tattoo..."That which does not kill me does make me stronger!!!"

My two cents you know a little bit about who teacherholly really is! case you didn't figure it out yourself...those green leaves and red berries around my tat are "Holly"berries and leaves. All of my tats except my first have this theme.

Tribal Dragon tattoo with red eyes on sleeve design

Tribal Dragon tattoo with red eyes

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sleeve tattoo - best koi tattoo and kanji tattoo

koi tattoo and kanji tattoo

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Name Of Tattoo