Friday, November 13, 2009

Dragon Tattoo's - Awesome Tattoo ideas

Dragon Tattoo's - Awesome Tattoo ideas

A great tattoo to consider is a dragon tattoo. You can do many things with a dragon tattoo, and have it symbolize different aspects of life. Here are very important dragon tattoo representations:

1. Power: Dragon tattoos can very easily represent power from the obvious nature of the dragons physical appearance and physical performance associated with dragons.

2. Wisdom: A dragon tattoo can also signify wisdom. Many who choose wisdom as representation usually choose Chinese style dragon tattoo's.

3. Mysticism/Magical. Dragons are very mystical creatures, which makes this representation ideal. Many who are after this type of meaning choose very vibrant, colorful dragon tattoo designs.

4. Warrior. A dragon tattoo can represent the warrior within. Someone who takes control of situations and fights alone and strong in times of distress.

5. Loyalty/Protectiveness. The dragon tattoo can represent a strong sense of loyalty as well as protectiveness to one's own family. A father or a mother could choose a dragon tattoo as a representation of being the strong protectors of the family.

6. Fierceness/Explosiveness. Representation of these elements could be worn by athletes such as mixed martial arts fighters who want to symbolize their own strong fighting skills. Dragons have a powerful, fierce, and explosive nature and athletes who wish to represent those qualities could choose a dragon tattoo.

7. A Strong Woman. The dragon tattoo worn by females can symbolize that of a strong, independent, and intelligent woman. Males can also wear dragons representing their strong natured intelligent other halves or symbolizing the strong relationship their in.

Dragon tattoos have many options in both symbolism and design. Black and white, color, and even tribal dragon designs are available. It's best to consult a tattoo catalog either at a parlor, or an online tattoo design book, to get ideas to choose your ultimate dragon tattoo.