Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tattoo the Body Art

tattoo body art artistTattoo is an ancient practice of prettifying the body. In the older times this act of beautifying one self was only done by tribes of Africa, South America, and the Asian countries of Japan and china. But now its been done by the countries of contemporary world. It's more popular and common in the western countries including America.

It is an art done in a way that color pigments. Either permanent or temporary, depends upon the choice of the respective person. Permanent tattoos are inserted in to the skin with the help of a particular electric tattoo machine which holds different kinds of needles. People love to craft tattoos on their shoulders, head, feet, around navel and especially the lower back tattooing is popular among western girls.

Apart from its decorating purpose many people of certain regions made tattoos to show their association toward any specific group, as all its member hold the design in the form of tattoo at any of their body part. The size of the tattoo may vary. It can be on all over the body or at any small area of the body. Hearts, flowers and other geometrical designs are very much famous among the young people. A simplest design of a tattoo is the name piercing or any abbreviation of the respective person.

By their tattoo designs people love to express their opinions, mind sets and the kind of nature they posses. This art is much promoted by many show business celebrities of the Hollywood and youth blindly go after them in order to be in fashion and stay cool.